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Bring home the Ultimate Strength Studio. Tonal's expert coaching and advanced digital weight continually adapts your workouts so you can #BeYourStrongest.

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Say hello to our fresh Core Strength Crew sweatshirt. We flipped our Eco-Fleece® inside out and brushed it for an incredibly plush feel. Shop all our new winter apparel styles: #BeYourStrongest

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Now you can lift harder and burn more with Heart Rate Zones on Tonal. Check your heart rate zone on screen, in real-time during your workout. And when you’re done, graphs and summaries help you to analyze and track your progress. Learn more:

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Meet the new kids on the block. Coach Venus, Coach Jake, and Coach Nikki are bringing the heat to the mat with yoga flows focusing on power, mobility, and recovery. Learn more:

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Ready to test your mind’s resilience through adversity? Coach Paul’s “Pump It Up” is an intense upper body workout targeting chest, delts, back, and biceps. You’ll move between pulling and pushing and eventually burning out your muscles.

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While they start well-intentioned, many resolutions are abandoned a few weeks into January. Choose small bite-sized actions that are more personal to you over generic resolutions. Check out our anti-resolution guide to getting stronger in 2021:

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How many days did you spend with Tonal last year? We want to know. Share your 2020 Year in Review stats with us on Instagram, and use the hashtag #Tonal2020 for a chance to win a $250 gift card to the Tonal Gear Shop. We'll select a winner on 1/11!

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Have you felt the power? With a click of your thumb, you’ve engaged up to 200 pounds of heart racing, muscle-building digital weight. Learn more about Tonal's intelligence: #BeYourStrongest

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Step into the world of Tonal. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. 💪 Visit a Tonal showroom near you: #BeYourStrongest

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Coach Pablo's back with “Radical Muscle Rock,” an advanced program focused on increasing strength and muscle. Coach Pablo incorporates Tonal’s dynamic weight modes with a little HIIT to push your muscles to explosive strength.

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New year, new home gym! 💪 No matter if you prefer your strength space light and bright, or dark and moody, we want to see them. Tag your Tonal spaces #Tonal.

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This year, strengthening our minds and bodies took on a whole new meaning. To support you at home, we pumped out plenty of features to keep your strength game strong. Take a look back and celebrate ten ways Tonal helped you get stronger in 2020:

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There are many things you can do in 90 days. None of them are as powerful as building a healthy habit for life. Try Tonal, in your home, for 90 days and start feeling your strongest. #BeYourStrongest

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By eliminating traditional metal weights, Tonal can deliver 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flat screen TV. Powered by industry-shattering AI, Tonal’s Digital Weight is the future of fitness.

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Get the whole family up and moving with Family Fitness. Coach Paul’s Kids Camp is packed with high energy exercises to keep you alert and active with your kids during the holiday break. Discover Kids Camp and more Family Fitness workouts on Tonal:

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Need a quick routine for your swamped Saturday? Start Coach Natalie’s “Fast Fitness.” This five-day program features short, single-block workouts designed for full-body fitness. Ignite the added challenge of Tonal’s Eccentric Mode as you get in, get out, and get fit.

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New gear is here! When you’re not scorching a workout Tonal, bundle up with these fresh new winter looks. ❄️ Shop the styles now:

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Want to improve a rep or achieve a new goal? Now you can work harder and smarter with more personalized insight in Guided, Custom, and Free Lift workouts on Tonal. Learn more:

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We're happy to announce that Liv Lo is officially joining the Tonal team as our newest guest instructor! As a yoga teach and soon-to-be mom, Liv will take us through her prenatal workout routine. Follow along as she shares her fitness knowledge and experience. #BeYourStrongest

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Ready to fire up that 🍑? Coach Allison’s “Glute Gains” uses a combination of compound and dynamic/plyometric movements to improve movement patterns for running, cycling, swimming, and more. It’s time to kick those glutes into shape. #BeYourStrongest

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