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The perfect bag *does* exist—no matter where in the world you are. #MKSoHo

@Diipakhosla 📍 Amsterdam
Petra Mack 📍 Sydney
@BryanBoy 📍 Stockholm
Holly Titheridge📍 Melbourne

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Hello, SoHo! @RebeccaLaurey takes a spin around Amsterdam with her new bag. #MKSoHo

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SoHo and the City: inspired by the cobblestone streets and art galleries of the iconic NYC neighborhood, the SoHo bag will take your style to the next level. @notjessfashion #MKSoHo

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The It bag for It girls. #MKSoHo

@cocobassey 📍 NYC
Cyrine Abdelnour📍 Dubai
Rebecca Inkka Ten 📍 Singapore
@brittanyxavier 📍 LA

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2021 in style, we asked friends of the brand to pose with their new SoHo bags, starting with @bellahadid. #MKSoHo

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Fa-la-la: how are you ringing in the New Year? 🎶 #MichaelKors #ASMR

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Break it down: what’s your go-to dance move? 🕺 #MichaelKors #ASMR

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Saying ✌️ to 2020: what are your New Year’s plans? #MichaelKors #ASMR

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Nothing like the present: what’s the greatest gift you’ve ever received? #MichaelKors #ASMR

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No place like home for the holidays. #MichaelKors #ASMR

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With the holidays winding down and no travel in sight, we have a game for you on these cold winter nights. As holiday magic lingers in the air, we’ve hidden some questions here and there. Keep an eye on our posts as they get revealed and share your answers—our lips are sealed!

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Happy holidays to you and yours! -xxMK

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RIP, the one and only Stella Tennant. Our thoughts go out to her family and loved ones. -MK

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Good as gold: Mayowa Nicholas with our star-studded Whitney bag and metallic puffer. #MichaelKors

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A star is born: our Whitney bag gets reimagined for the holidays.

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Little gifts, big impact: shop our sparkling rose-gold jewelry today. #MichaelKors

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Customize your digital Michael Kors #Wonderlust bottle and share your wish on our #KorsWishingWall. Learn more:

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In full view: @ShawnMendes wears #MichaelKorsCollection for his interview with #EltonJohn (@eltonofficial) in @VMAN magazine. #FameFrames

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