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If we're being honest, Gordon wouldn't be mad at our cooking. He'd just be disappointed.

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Tweets about cooking increased nearly 300% in 2020.

On a scale of Gordon Ramsay yelling at you to Gordon Ramsay saying your food is "not the worst thing I've eaten", how good is your cooking?

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Instagram prepped everyone for a big announcement and then launched Live Rooms. How do we feel about this launch and is there something you were hoping for MORE?

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Who are your heroes?

Join us in partnership with @worldwomanfund for an inspirational Facebook Live chat on #InternationalWomensDay with America's Got Talent star, @angelicahale, and the talent behind her hit single #LookingUp

Mark your calendar:

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Your one stop shop for social media image sizes.

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If you want to add links to your Instagram Stories AKA use the 'Swipe Up' feature, read this.

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Travel's down. Duh. But other opportunities have been there if your brand was able to seize them.

Analyze the data in our report with @wearesocial.

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A skill social media marketers don't have on their resumes, but maybe they should: Able to avoid spoilers of the latest movies and shows while still being online all day.

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What’s new with Hootsuite in February?

Customer metrics, competitor benchmarking, unveiling the pause button, and more!

Watch the full update here:

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What communities are you a part of on Twitter?

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Replying to @MadalynSklar: Ask @hootsuite: What are Twitter stats marketers need to know in 2021? #TwitterSmarter

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Ask @hootsuite: What are Twitter stats marketers need to know in 2021? #TwitterSmarter

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COVID-19 shifted the way people shopped. Get with the times and make sure your brand is set up for eCommerce.

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Yes, baby boomers still matter.

In our #SocialTrends2021 report Hootsuite experts illuminate why you’ll want to target baby boomers (not just Gen Z):

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You can find a full breakdown of UTM Parameters and how to use them on our blog post here:

And yes, we added a UTM to that link so we can track it 😉

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Campaign source: The social network, search engine, newsletter name, or other specific source driving the traffic.

Campaign medium: The type of channel driving the traffic, like organic social, email, etc.

Campaign name: Specify each campaign so you can track your efforts.

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Track the success of your social media posts by adding UTM parameters to the links you share.

They help you track the value of social marketing programs.
They provide precise data about traffic and conversions.
They allow you to test individual posts head-to-head as A/B tests.

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The speakers are moving on to the Q&A portion of the webinar now so we'll wrap up our social coverage here. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in, or read this thread. We hope you found it valuable! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 😊 #SocialTrends2021

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Of course, you can use Hootsuite tools to follow through on all of the strategies we've covered today.

For content creation, use the Hootsuite dashboard.
For paid ads, you can use Hootsuite Ads.
And for social selling you can use our social selling suite! #SocialTrends2021

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Is TikTok actually the best place to reach Gen Z? Is online shopping as rampant as it was in 2020? Test your assumptions with this comprehensive report on the state of digital, ecommerce, and social media. #Digital2021

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