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Me describing my job on a resume:​

Single-handedly manage the successful publishing of succinct and crispy 280-character messages with precision and efficiency.

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Replying to @NFL: You know what time it is! Vote for this week’s @budlight #BudLightCelly of the week!

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You know what time it is! Vote for this week’s @budlight #BudLightCelly of the week!

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🗣🗣🗣 If they make caps for your head in the shower, they should make caps for your shower beers.

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Bud Lights and championship football.​

That is all.

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Welcome to where the Legendary live #BudLightLegends

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Ambudextrous [am-buh-dek-struhs]​

DEF: able to hold a Bud Light equally well in each hand​

Ex: "He held a hot dog in his right hand and was forced to hold his beer with his left – good thing he's Ambudextrous."

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Describe your taste buds after trying Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade only using emoji's

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Link here to purchase:

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🚨 Giveaway Alert 🚨 RT this tweet and follow @budlight for the chance to win this awesome track jacket! It's the perfect gift for the washed up athlete in your life. #sweepstakes

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A cold Bud Light always feels good going down.

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A cold Bud Light is a fitting reward after a tough game.

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Heartwarming moments call for ice-cold Bud Lights.

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When you break out the Bud Light, smooth moves follow.

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Suddenly thirsty for a beer? Yes, I Am.

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Bud Light and best friends go hand in hand.

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I Love You, Man.

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We salute you in all your cologne-wearing glory.

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You’ll go the extra mile (of carpet) for a 6-pack of Bud Light.

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Here are some of our most legendary commercials of all time, right here, in this thread. RT your favorite 👇 #BudLightLegends

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