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From @WSJopinion: Far from clamoring for a withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. public doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to the war at all, write Peter D. Weaver and Jim Golby

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Amazon is in exclusive talks to buy podcast startup Wondery, people familiar with the matter say, furthering its push into the growing audio sector

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The long-term care rollout will be an early test of how quickly and efficiently CVS, Walgreens and governments can distribute Covid-19 vaccines

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New York state expects to receive enough Covid-19 vaccinations on Dec. 15 to immunize 170,000 people, pending federal approval of the doses, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said

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Amid the latest surge of Covid-19 cases in the U.S., @GeraldFSeib explains the forces for and against Congress passing a new coronavirus stimulus bill #WSJWhatsNow

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“It confused Wyatt Earp, George Custer, Pat Garrett and Ringo Starr.” Experts are skeptical about facial-recognition software IDs of Old West photos.

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While much of U.S. business turned bearish on China, BlackRock and other Wall Street firms continued to court Beijing and were winners in the trade war

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UPS put shipping limits on some big retailers including Gap and Nike, a sign the pandemic-fueled online shopping season is stretching delivery networks

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Breaking: The CDC cut the recommended quarantine period for people exposed to Covid-19 to 7 to 10 days, down from 14 days, reflecting findings on how long infections take to develop

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How has Covid-19 changed cybersecurity? Mastercard’s Anne Marie Zettlemoyer and Rockwell Automation’s Dawn Cappelli join @WSJCyber’s @knash99 to discuss

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Pressure from Germany, Italy and France led the Alpine nation of Austria to pledge to keep its hotels and restaurants closed until Jan. 7 and impose quarantine on travelers from European countries with high coronavirus infection rates

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Shares in hospital operators have soared, thanks to postelection optimism and expectations that health-care services can better weather the recent coronavirus surge #WSJWhatsNow

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From @WSJopinion: “We won the election easily,” President Trump said Sunday. But where’s the hard evidence to convince the country? Many of the theories floating around don’t withstand scrutiny, writes The Editorial Board.

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More crimes are going unsolved in New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to New York Police Department data

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Replying to @bopanc: The married couple Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci, founders of ⁦@BioNTech_Group, invented the⁩ first #COVID19 vaccine to be author…

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The Trump administration is moving forward with a last-minute push to ease hiring and firing standards for many senior federal workers, setting off a clash with Democrats in Congress over whether civil servants should maintain longstanding job protections

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Consumers struggling with Covid-19 shutdowns across sub-Saharan Africa have found a new place to get cash to make ends meet: their cellphones

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If food-delivery service DoorDash’s shares are priced at the midpoint of the expected range, SoftBank’s $680 million investment will be worth $5 billion

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The founders of BioNTech, the husband-wife team of Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci, are behind the company’s successful launch of the first Covid-19 vaccine to be authorized in the West

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More than 40 big U.S. companies are calling on Congress to work closely with President-elect Joe Biden to address the threat of climate change #WSJWhatsNow

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The married couple Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci, founders of ⁦@BioNTech_Group, invented the⁩ first #COVID19 vaccine to be authorized in the West. But their jab is a byproduct of 30 years of cancer research. My piece via ⁦@WSJ

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