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Today we honor King Mohammed VI of Morocco. We applaud his role in advancing the deep and enduring partnership between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States across all domains.

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(2/2) “This plan will ensure we are equipped to work with industry and international partners to continue the development, deployment and management of a secure and reliable 5G communications infrastructure.” –NSA Robert O’Brien

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(1/2) “I’m pleased to announce the finalization of the National Strategy to Secure 5G Implementation Plan, which represents the culmination of a robust interagency development process.

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“The declassification of the Framework today demonstrates, with transparency, America’s strategic commitments to the Indo-Pacific and to our allies and partners in the region.” -- NSA Robert C. O’Brien

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Today’s Executive Order on small modular reactors will further revitalize the U.S. nuclear energy sector, reinvigorate America's space exploration program, and develop diverse energy options for national defense needs.

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“The world cannot continue to pay heavy prices for its naiveté and complicity in Beijing’s irresponsible and harmful practices – whether it is ending the rule of law in Hong Kong or not cooperating with health officials on the pandemic.” NSA O’Brien

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(2/2) "The men and women of law enforcement all over this great country risk their lives every day for our Republic and our way of life. They deserve our nation’s profound gratitude.”- NSA Robert C. O’Brien

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(1/2) “My prayers are with the families of Capitol Police Officers Howard Liebengood and Brian D. Sicknick, who lost their lives defending the U.S. Congress.

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”Great phone call yesterday with British Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab to discuss key defense and geopolitical issues. Also an opportunity to highlight the special relationship and enduring ties between the U.S.-UK.” - NSA Robert O’Brien

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“Violence has absolutely no place in our democracy. I applaud the men and women of law enforcement and the National Guard, who are working to restore order and protect our institutions. Our country is better than what we saw today at our Capitol.”- NSA Robert C. O’Brien

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“Thanks to the impressive men and women of @SOUTHCOM, the U.S. was able rapidly to provide robust COVID-19 and hurricane relief throughout Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Your dedication to your country and the region is truly impressive.” – NSA Robert O’Brien

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NSA O’Brien met with @Southcom Commander ADM Craig Faller today to discuss the importance of Latin America and the Caribbean, ongoing regional missions, counter-narcotics operations, promoting democracy, and outcompeting America’s adversaries.

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The continuing activity of the PRC & #CCP to steal Americans’ personal data is a clear attempt to advance China’s economic & national security agenda at our expense. In signing today’s Executive Order, @realDonaldTrump is protecting U.S. consumers’ data & U.S. national security.

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The United States commends the Gulf Cooperation Council and the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar for taking bold steps today to resolve the Gulf rift. (1/2)

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A united Gulf is critical to the prosperity and security of the region. We stand with our GCC partners as they move into a new era of cooperation. (2/2)

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Just released: Joint statement with our partners at @FBI, @ODNIgov, and @NSAGov on the recent significant cyber incident involving federal government networks:

President @realDonaldTrump continues to surge all appropriate resources to support the whole-of-government response to the recent cyber incident affecting government networks. We are taking every necessary step to understand the full scope of this incident & respond accordingly.

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The U.S. recognizes Interim President Juan Guaidó and the democratically elected 2015 National Assembly as the legitimate representatives of the Venezuelan people. The international community must remain united in supporting Venezuela's return to democracy.

The US stands with Interim Pres. Guaido and the legitimate National Assembly of Venezuela as the voice of the people against the illegitimate Maduro regime’s repression and corruption. We support a peaceful restoration of democracy through free, fair, and transparent elections.

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The National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan will protect the American Transportation and Maritime Sector from cyber threats. This plan demonstrates President @realDonaldTrump’s commitment to promoting American prosperity.

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President @realDonaldTrump continues to deliver on his promises to protect the American economy and strengthen our national security with the signing of the National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan.

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