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Senior lecturer in sports and exercise physiology, Dr Stavropoulos-Kalinoglou, is doing ground-breaking research on how long you need to exercise to still get the benefits. Take a look at this week's #UnityChallenge to see how you can 'exercise snack' 👇

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#UnityChallenger @polarben sees failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What 'failures' helped you develop as a person? 👇

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'Looking back I have zero regrets because each failure helped me develop as a person.'

Professional explorer and #UnityChallenger @polarben has achieved an impressive amount in his 43 years on this planet 🌎

Read the full story below 👇

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Stop. Take a four-second breath in, hold it for a second and then slowly exhale. How did it feel? Good, right?!

This week’s #UnityChallenge will help you harness the power of your own breath, with expert advice from breathwork teacher, @breathpod ☁️ 👇

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Breathing exercises have been proven to help fight anxiety, depression, and stress. Even a single breathing practice can significantly reduce blood pressure.

That’s why we’re excited to be working with @breathpod for a breathwork themed #UnityChallenge, starting tomorrow...

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Thinking of going #Vegan but unsure how it may affect your training?

Plant-based sports nutritionist @tjwaterfall explains how a vegan diet could actually boost your performance 👇

#plantbased #veganuary #veganism #veganlife #vegans

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'Find your voice, be consistent in your message and, above all, practice what you preach.’

From helping injured service people to lifeboat funding and campaigning for cleaner oceans, @deecaffari uses her platform to make a difference. Dee, thank you for your hard work!

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Taking part in this week's #Vegan themed #UnityChallenge with co-founder @mathieuflamini and nutritionist @tjwaterfall? 🌱

TJ has put together some tips on how a plant-based diet could boost your performance, hit the link below to find out more👇

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Join Unity co-founder @mathieuflamini and plant-based sports nutritionist @tjwaterfall for this week’s #vegan #UnityChallenge by cutting out animal proteins from your diet.

You could even carry on for the rest of #Veganuary and maybe even beyond... 🌱👇

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‘Getting your nutrition right is a proven way to help support faster recovery from exercise, and significantly boost energy + power' - @tjwaterfall

TJ is our expert for the next #UnityChallenge. All will be revealed tomorrow, but here’s a couple of little clues… 🌱💪

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‘I wanted to experience every aspect of the city'

A deeply cautious individual, #UnityChallenger @rickeygates uses running as exploration.

Has running helped you learn new things about your local area?

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'I wanted to know how I could explore a city as immersively as a trail or a mountain range.'

Not content with running across America, @rickeygates, embarked on a project to run every street in San Francisco, all 1,300+ miles of them 👇

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New year, new you, right?!

We all start the year off with the best intentions. But did you know only 8% of us stick to our new year’s resolutions?

We’ve teamed up with psychologist Leon Antonio Outar show you how to form healthy new habits for 2021 👇

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🎄 Merry Christmas from everyone here at Team Unity 🎄

It’s been a weird old year and most of us aren’t able to celebrate the holidays as usual, but we hope that wherever you are and whomever you’re with, you have a wonderful Christmas time!

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‘You have to believe you can create the change you want to see.’

#UnityChallenger Hugo Tagholm has spent nearly 30 years campaigning for cleaner oceans. Read more about Hugo and his work with @sascampaigns below 👇

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'Everyone can make a positive impact' - @MesutOzil1088

This week, we're celebrating the power of kindness and co-operation for building a positive mindset and making the world a better place.

Because together, we are stronger. Hit the link below 👇

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“Water is the one thing we can’t live life without, but it’s also the one thing we all take for granted.”

Ex-lawyer @minaguli swapped courtrooms for ultra-marathons to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

Read Mina's full story below 👇

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Unity Challenger @minaguli has run 40 marathons on 7 deserts on 7 continents in 7 weeks to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

Hit the link below for life lessons from this incredible woman.

📸: Kelvin Trautman

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Good focus is the key to success.

Led by professor of sport psychology, @AndyLane27, this week’s #UnityChallenge will help improve your focus so you always keep your eye on the prize. Hit the link below to take part.


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