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“You lost that lovin' feelin’, bring back that lovin' feelin’”

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I would love to see Richard Seymour inducted into NFL HOF. Not only was he a dominant player but a team-first, selfless player who played championship fb each & every wk. He was a cornerstone of the Patriots dynasty & deserves to be recognized for his contributions to fb history

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Tom Brady tried to high-five the ref 😅

I’m sure the twittersphere will only have kind things to say about this gesture. Everybody gets a high five!

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Every future @TomBrady game should be on the history channel. The 🐐

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Beginning tomorrow I’ll be doing the TB12 Method for as long as the Buccaneers are in the playoffs. I’m all in. #GoBucs

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LeBron James turns 36 today 🎈

◽ 4x NBA Champion
◽ 4x Finals MVP
◽ 4x NBA MVP
◽ 13x All-NBA First Team

Year 18 and still dominating 👑 @KingJames

Happy Birthday @KingJames, 18 years strong here’s to many more...keep going!

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One of my absolute favorites calls. Sieberts Clothing

This is awesome Dave. Count me in.

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Helluva pitch and catch right there! @TomBrady to @RobGronkowski! SHEESH!!

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.@TonyDungy defends putting Tom Brady at No. 6 as his toughest QB to coach against:

“Who I put ahead of Tom Brady: Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Steve Young, guys who could move. Not to say Tom wasn’t great, but that extra dimension meant something to me.”

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It’s about to get scary if you see @TomBrady like this.

(h/t @TotalProSports)

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We'd have to agree that football is, indeed, fun.

Full @sinjen66 mic'd up ➡️

Football is fun AF, Ryan...FUN AF!! @sinjen66

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Not bad @tonyromo...getting some strong spiderman vibes from that @BrettFavre impression

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