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Amazon has an emerging challenger. Ocado, a British firm, is using AI and automation technology to disrupt the online grocery-delivery industry

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Democracies may well be the best safeguard against mob rule. But they are successful only when democratic institutions are nurtured

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Care-home vaccinations seem to be getting done more slowly in Britain than in other countries that got off to a quick start

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The Senate should make Donald Trump the first American president in history to be impeached and convicted. He must serve as an example of how vehemently the country rejects a leader who tramples its constitution

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Dominic Cummings wanted to transform Whitehall into a dynamic machine run by specialists. But his reforms look less like creative destruction, more like idle vandalism

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Seeding democracy was not the plan of China's Communist Party when it introduced elections in the countryside in 1988

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Society prizes intelligence. But there is a dark side to genius From @1843mag

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Rather than cultivating broad support for its agenda, the BJP tends to ram it through, resulting in this case in protests from suspicious farmers

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Russia has announced its withdrawal from the Open Skies treaty, which allows countries to fly unarmed reconnaissance flights over any part of another. Last year we looked at the impact of America's own decision to leave

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Ireland, once a covid success story, is now contending with one of the worst officially recorded infection rates in the world

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Regional emergencies, from mass migration to Venezuela’s tightening dictatorship, will require Joe Biden’s attention

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In China, a common grumble is that covid-19 rules are not being enforced harshly enough

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The closure of schools and universities because of covid-19 seems to have supercharged the game's popularity with young Afghans

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Most of Indonesia's sultans have no formal role or rights, but many have political ambitions

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Fishermen in Kolkata discovered how to turn wastewater into cash. Now this delicate eco-system is threatened by property developers From @1843mag

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The relationship between baseball’s major and minor leagues mirrors wider trends in American society

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"Communicating how science works to the wider public can be hard, but it is vital," writes Ursula Bassler, president of the @CERN council, in #TheWorldIn2021

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Kuaishou is expected to hit a valuation of around $50bn when it goes public next month, lifting it above the platform you are reading this tweet on (worth $37bn)

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The case for impeaching Donald Trump was unassailable. The Senate should move fast to convict him, too. Our cover in North America and Britain this week

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