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Like other species, humans are the products of millions of years of adaptation. Now we're taking matters into our own hands

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If recent calculations about the remnants of sunlike stars are correct, everything will end with a series of bangs and then a whimper

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Oak Flat, a site in considered holy to the Apache in Arizona, is set to be traded to a British and Australian mining company

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The country has seen turbulent lame-duck periods before. Which ones were the most frenzied?

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Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden announced his incoming administration’s proposal for a $1.9-trillion COVID-19 rescue plan, which includes $20 billion to mount a national vaccination program

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Global #COVID19 deaths crested 2 million on Friday, and officials warned that the number of deaths could rise to new highs in January from holiday visiting

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Crows are so smart, they can even make tools

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Here are some of the ways flying could clean up its act in the years to come

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Scientists say it's critical to prevent the virus's spread by wearing masks, washing hands, keeping socially distanced, and get vaccinated as soon as possible

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Existing vaccines should work with the body’s multifaceted immune system to offer some level of protection from mutated versions of the virus

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Early research suggests that SARS-CoV-2 has not mutated enough to render current vaccines ineffective

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Jessie Holmes crosses the icy tundra as he battles snowy weather conditions along the Iditarod trail. Emmy Award-winning series #LifeBelowZero gives viewers chills as it follows the extreme lifestyles of residents living off the grid in Alaska

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Analyzing extinct dire wolf DNA revealed a few surprises—including that these extinct carnivores weren't very closely related to gray wolves

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Wels catfish target endangered and commercially important migratory fish whose European populations are already in serious decline

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The incoming administration is expected to reverse and restore the original protected areas in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Most deep-sea creatures can glow in the dark, but this light-emitting characteristic is rare in terrestrial vertebrates

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We might be inclined to shoo them out the window or ignore them altogether—but insects are a source of fascination for photographer Daniel Kariko

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Although this Civil War relic has been denounced as a hate symbol, it remains popular among white supremacists and Southerners who claim it as their heritage

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Isolation. Empowerment. Hope. This is 2020 in pictures:

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