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Tune in to “Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller” on @natgeochannel Wednesdays at 9 ET/8CT. Co-founder of @Muck_Media. Peabody + DuPont Award-winning reporter.

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Replying to @Explain_Podcast: Have you listened to our episode with @MarianaVZ? You can now catch Trafficked on @hulu!

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Quoted @inez_DannyM

How were you able to keep your composure meeting all this people in the gun running episode? I would’ve been super freaked out! @MarianaVZ

Keeping calm is the surest way to stay safe :-)

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Have you listened to our episode with @MarianaVZ? You can now catch Trafficked on @hulu!

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Quoted @ChristakosMaria

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel The guns episode touched our soul. The mothers looking for murdered family members by poking the ground and smelling sticks or looking for body parts was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Can we help these women by at the very least get them cadaver dogs to help them?

They are an amazing group of people - Sabuesos Guerreras. Some of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met.

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@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Quando estreia o programa em 🇵🇹?


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Quoted @jamied28

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Do you know when it’s available in Uk ?

Jan 18

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TONIGHT at 9p on @NatGeoChannel. Don’t miss the season finale of TRAFFICKED.

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Just posted a photo

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Quoted @bobolots

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel This is one of the best TV shows I've ever watched -- I'm with all the other commenters, the situations are heart pounding! AMAZING!!

Thank you!

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Quoted @CanalplusDocs

Du courage de @MarianaVZ ? On commence seulement à s'en remettre !

Retrouvez le premier épisode de Face au crime sur @NatGeoFR en avant-première dès maintenant sur @myCANAL

Merci! Si vous êtes en France, regardez “Face au Crime” tous les mardis soir a 21h.

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Quoted @ShelleyMauser

@MarianaVZ absolutely loving Trafficked! Sadly I gotta pass on the tiger one, it’ll just piss me off, my sister told me it was disturbing as well 😕 look forward to more episodes! Stay safe out there, you have much courage

Watch tonight’s episode on guns. We saved the best one for last.

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Quoted @yarilorenzo

Tonight, on @NatGeoChannel, go behind the scenes of the work and career of the amazing @MarianaVZ !!! 11/10c #iworkatnatgeo

Tonight, after the season finale of TRAFFICKED. Don’t miss this behind the scenes of my work and life. Brought to the world by the amazing @yarilorenzo

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Quoted @Kristen53001786

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Will you still continue your podcast?

Hope so :/)

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In tomorrow’s TRAFFICKED episode we follow what’s known as the Iron River to see how American guns are fueling the violence in Mexico. It’s one of the most powerful documentaries I’ve ever worked on and the season finale of #TraffickedwithMarianavanZeller. On @NatGeoChannel at 9p

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Quoted @toadieti72

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Have you ever been in a situation you were very nervous??

Yes. A few.

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Quoted @dmoc06

@MarianaVZ @NatGeoChannel Yes, I am aware of Sea of Shadows. I’ve seen it. I’ve been supporting @seashepherd @SeaShepherdSSCS since Summer 2010, and especially the #OpMilagro campaign. I was just suggesting that illegal fishing may be something you’d like to explore for a future episode of #Trafficked

I love that idea and will definitely look into it. Thank you!

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Quoted @dmoc06

@MarianaVZ If u do get 2 do a 2nd season of #Trafficked do u think u could do an episode on illegal fishing? 40% of all fish caught is illegal. In San Felipe, Mexico, a fish called the totoaba is being sought only for its swim bladder which sells for $20,000/kilo in China.

There’s an amazing @NatGeoChannel documentary about it called Sea of Shadows.

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Quoted @dahlgrenjo

@MarianaVZ What impresses in addition to the bravery and professionalism of the crew is the choice of music. It adds so much to the production value. How is the music chosen?

We have an incredible music supervisor and a music composer

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Quoted @mrskposs

@MarianaVZ how do you children handle seeing Mom in these scary spots?

My son is very proud of our work and wants to be a journalist as well 😄

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A journey filled w gunrunners, mules, cartel bosses and assassins. Don’t miss the season finale of TRAFFICKED where we investigate how US guns are fueling the violence in Mexico. This WEDNESDAY at 9p/8c on @natgeochannel. #TraffickedwithMarianavanZeller

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