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Freestyle football World Champion and 4x world record holder. TV Presenter | @bbcsport

Joined on 22 February, 2015

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I have no idea how this happened tbh 不不不 fun morning filming with @maxandharvey for FOMO on @cbbc

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Lesson 5

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@LivCookefs Can you put the car between the lines, as you would the ball between the posts

Cant be good at everything

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I was gonna say not everyday football but I was literally juggling a ball 5seconds before this pic was taken

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My son was impressed by @LivCookefs Videos where she scores into a basketball basket. So he used the second lock down to practice Freestyling. It's not a basketball basket, but a great start Anyway like or rt the video to keep him motivates and away from video games踝

Love it!! Great skills & creative on the basketball net awesome work

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Proof that im not special freestyle is just trial and error! This exact process is what got me to where I am

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Tell em Forbes This hasnt been luck, this hasnt been easy. This has been & will continue to be a journey of intense hard work, sacrifices and a constant desire to learn

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On this day in 2018, Ronaldinho confirmed his retirement.

An absolute icon 予



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Touch outttttt of 10? 踝

Replying to @CrosbyNicky: I tried something similar to @LivCookefs didnt quite work out. 踝 弩

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I tried something similar to @LivCookefs didnt quite work out. 踝 弩

Is your nose okay?

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COME ON THE BOYS big day. @ManUtd

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Chasing progress every day in every way

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Rule #1 - dont let them be right 不

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Lesson number 3

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Better times are coming

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Is Karen Carney gonna quote tweet that Leeds result or is she above that

please come back to Twitter now Kaz

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This lockdown I want to learn Lesson 1

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