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Looking forward to a round of golf with Larry but will insist on strokes. Enjoy your retirement.

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Most importantly, Larry is a good friend and a great man. The Clemson golf program is nationally renowned and above reproach, and all of that is a result of the leadership and mentorship that Larry provided his team.

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Congratulations to Coach Larry Penley on his retirement. A 38-year success story as head golf coach at Clemson with a national championship and numerous Clemson players going on to the PGA. One heck of a ride.

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Andy was an American success story who provided jobs to many and service to his community. The State paper’s headline is so appropriate - goodbye, my friend.

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Very sad to hear of the passing of Andy Shlon, the founder and owner of Andy’s Deli, an iconic restaurant in Columbia. My prayers are with his family and many friends.

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I’ve been a regular customer since Andy’s opened and was always greeted with kindness and provided a terrific meal. The Andy special is one of the best sandwiches in the history of food.

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If it is true that National Guard troop requests were denied because of ‘optics’ that would be an unforgivable mistake in judgment that should carry serious consequences.

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An independent investigation is warranted, and I will do my best to ensure those in responsible positions - at every level - are held accountable.

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Very interesting storyline developing regarding potential denial of requests for National Guard troops, made by Capitol Hill police, to the House Sergeant at Arms.

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@harrisonjaime @DNC I always like it when South Carolinians are recognized for their talents and accept leadership positions.

Good luck @harrisonjaime, but not too much luck!

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Quoted @postandcourier

Jaime Harrison is on track to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Congratulations to @harrisonjaime for being selected as Chair of the @DNC.

This is a big honor and I’m confident he will do a good job representing the Democratic cause.
Jaime will be a formidable opponent.

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Speaking with @seanhannity in just a few minutes on Fox News.

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If President-elect Biden truly seeks unity, he has an opportunity to make a major step in that direction by rejecting post-presidential impeachment.

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Its now time for President-elect Biden to reject post presidential impeachment because of the destructive force it would have on the presidency and nation.

Every president is subject to the laws of the land. However, impeachment is political and will further divide the nation.

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The House impeached President Trump without a hearing or witness, and the Senate Democrats would be willing to continue this division and legitimize the House procedures.

Senator McConnell’s decision to withhold consent to start the trial before inauguration is the right call.

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It is now time for President-elect Biden to rise to the occasion and instruct his party to call off post-presidential impeachment proceedings.

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President Trump’s statement tonight hit the mark.

He rejected violence, unequivocally condemned those who defiled our Capitol, called for full accountability, and emphasized those who engage in violence tarnish the movement.

His speech helps move the country move forward.

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President Trump’s statement today calling for calm and turning down the heat is much-needed and needs to be matched by the actions of others.
We can and must get through this difficult time in our nation’s history.

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We did it! Justice Barrett is now a reality.

A great day for conservative women and the American people!

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