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Kills me when a hero of mine falls, but I have no doubt that @TheNotoriousMMA will regroup and come back better. Ups and downs I’m no fair weather fan. I’ve been cheering you on since Brimage. You’ve got this Champ 👊

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Sucks seeing a hero of yours in defeat. I know @TheNotoriousMMA will be back stronger and better prepared for everything next time. Rest up champ, it was good to see you back in there.

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I feel for Conor and this loss. I just hope it’s not like a Rousey situation and he can make the adjustments to become sharp like we’ve seen him in the past. Great win Dustin. #UFC257 #paidinfull

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FUCKING FINALLY! #UFC257 I was about to roundhouse my fucking tv. I’ve been sitting here with spicy arm pits waiting for this PPV to work

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WTF @danawhite @ufc we’re spending $75 for #UFC257 and aren’t able to watch it

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I think my new favorite commentary trio is @dc_mma, @danhardymma, and @Jon_Anik. Seriously guys, I can’t stress enough how much you three kill it together.

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Quoted @ufc

A rematch destined to happen!

💎 @DustinPoirier vs 🇮🇪 @TheNotoriousMMA - tomorrow night on PPV!

[ Get the PPV: ]

I cannot fucking wait #UFC257

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. @arielhelwani is the Howard Cosell of MMA. It was super rad that @dc_mma pointed that out in the last show and have our man his props. We need Ariel ringside and doing the backstage interviews for full effect.

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Holy shit man, look at the size of @TheNotoriousMMA’s thighs 👀 this man definitely put in the work and looks to be in infinitely better shape than when he fought Khabib.. even more so than in 2020. The physique does not lie. I’m ready 👊

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Biden is now in office, it’s ufc 247 media day, and I’m back on at the gym 3 weeks now straight. I am having many good things to be happy for right now.

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Wow the judges got it right. @CarlosCondit absolutely looked great

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Condit should be winning by unanimous decision

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I am a fan of greatness. Regardless of the craft. People sleep on @TheNotoriousMMA because they love to hate. We will see just where his mind is at. Dustin is for real, and when he gets past him, what will people say then? I’m excited for the 3 cards. Lessgo!

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Huge respect to @Claressashields for stepping up and coming over to the MMA side. There have been so many that have said they’d make the jump but you’re the only one who’s doing the damn thing. Can’t wait to see how you do in your mma career.

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Anyone else think @TonyFergusonXT looks like Jay from @bigmouth 😂

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Quoted @bisping

This was awe inspiring, funny and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

The robot overlords are gaining power.

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Quoted @MMAFighting

Khabib Nurmagomedov expects UFC 257 headliner to crown new lightweight champ: ‘My belt will be taken by the winner of Dustin and Conor’

Marketing wise, this makes all the sense in the world. The winner would have so many rock solid options to defend. Definitely see this being for the belt once Khabib puts a nail in that coffin.

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Wow #pablohidalgo is a bully. One of my favorite content creators @SWTheory66 had an honest and wholesome reaction to a hero’s return (Luke) and this jackass made fun of him for it. #firehim #dewit

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Spoke too soon. Did they even try to find talented singers tonight 😂

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