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Challenges make u discover things about yourself that u never really knew. They’re what make the instrument stretch–what make u go beyond the norm. Official CT.

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On January 28th, I will be chatting with my good friend @WhoopiGoldberg about my new book #JustAsIAm I hope you will all attend!

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“Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn and B Michael has Cicely Tyson” -B Michael

I'm deeply grateful to @THR for this acknowledgement, this moment is possible because of the unwavering support and integrity of @IAmCicelyTyson

#Hardwork #Perseverance #Patience #JustAsIAm #DesignerMuse

“Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn, B Michael has Cicely Tyson” ❤

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The glitter, the ribbons, the garnish I've experienced during my life—as wonderful as those things are, I have little desire to reflect on them solely. What I am far more interested in is the tree that represents my life and strength and condition of its roots. ­—CT #JustAsIAm

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#JustAsIAm is my truth. It is me, plain and unvarnished, with the glitter and garland set aside. And now on my journey to becoming a centenarian, I am a woman who, at long last, has something meaningful to say. –CT

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I’m so very excited to share #JustAsIAm, my memoir, with you all! It will be on sale 1/26.

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For years, when people would ask me “when are you going to write a book?” I would respond, “when I have something to say.” Well, now I have something to say. #JustAsIAm

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🎉We're wishing a very happy birthday to a woman of extraordinary talent and character, @IAmCicelyTyson! Her life story, on and off the stage, has been a true inspiration, one that she's finally ready to share with the world. #JustAsIAm is on sale 1/26.

Thank you ❤️

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There are certain people that come into this world and their lifeforce creates a powerful inspiring explosion. We get the overflow!! I thank God for creating this beautiful, courageous and bold being 96 years ago. Love you Ms. @IAmCicelyTyson!! Happy birthday 💛💛💛👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

Thank you ❤️

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From your 3rds Happy Birthday #CicelyTyson ❤️📸❤️ 12/19

#JustAsIAm is on sale 1/26

Thank you ❤️

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Another year in your truly magnificent life. You are a glorious gift. I love you, adore you and celebrate you today and everyday, @IAmCicelyTyson. Happy birthday, Your Majesty!

Thank you ❤️

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Happy 96th birthday!! 96 and still as sharp and as beautiful as ever. What a blessing to have you as a friend, as family, and as a role model. The wisdom and love you’ve shown me over all these years has been a gift from God! Happy birthday Queen Cicely!! @IAmCicelyTyson

Thank you ❤️

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God of our silent tears! A brillant & talented actor, gone to soon. @chadwickboseman you leave this earth w/a beautiful body of work. When you graced our screens you brought the dignity & grace we could all be proud of. My prayers are with your loving family. RIP my dear son CTD

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.@ava I have been asked multiple times what it feels like to be on the cover of @TIME? My humblest answer is, had u not been guest editor, I would probably never know. For that I am truly grateful and thankful that God put u in my life. I hope the cover inspires many more. #love

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On line tonight & on stands tomorrow #TIME. One of my heroes, the iconic Ms. Cicely Tyson, edited by the brilliant @Ava Duvernay. Different generations but both #Giants in their own right! #trailblazers #inspiration

My dearest thank you. It is rather overwhelming.

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Quoted @msdebbieallen

Happy Birthday @IAmCicelyTyson!!!👑

love you. -CT

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Happy Birthday to @IAmCicelyTyson ✨⚡️ grateful to have worked alongside you and for the doors you continue to open as a trailblazer!

Thank You sweetheart. So very proud of you.
You continue to blaze trails and set high standards for yourself. Love -CT

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Happy birthday @IAmCicelyTyson! Love you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you dearest for being a part of this journey. Love, -CT

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Happy birthday to the incomparable Ms. @IamCicelyTyson! Love you to infinity and beyond❤

My wonderful TV daughter @violadavis you make me proud every single day. Blessings to you. Love, -CT

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