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Listen as Matt and Chris Yule slowly lose their minds reading every single page of an interactive fiction book one week at a time. apple podcasts, spotify, etc.

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This week, Chris Quests-Out on a Live Read and Matt abandons Atlantis to a terrible fate! What a couple of monsters! #FinishIt

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Yes there is a new ep and yes we forgot to decide who wins so it’s up to you, dearest users! Listen and be the deciders!

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Who won the read, @FinishItPod? Did I miss that segment?

Ummmmm. Oops. One moment please!

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@FinishItPod also what should we name the whale?

Fantastic question!! What do y’all think we should name the blue whale that loves to ram submarines?

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Happy New Year’s week! Chris takes a look back at New Years past, Matt revives a Finish It! New Year’s tradition, and the vibe is totes max positive OR ELSE! #FinishIt

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Happy Krampus Days, one and all! The Xmas Beast himself is back with a new challenge and a very special guest and YOU GUYS IT'S UP TO THE YULE BOYS TO SAVE CHRISTMAS OH NOOOO! #FinishIt #KrampusDays #NastySanta

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User Alert! Due to holiday travels and sleepy bones, this week's episode will be jingle-janglin' your way Xmas Eve-Eve style this Wednesday, 12/23. Sorry for the late drop but it's gonna be a festive funtime for sure! #FinishIt #KrampusBeKind #WhoIsNastySanta?

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A submarine chase ensues! A new & brutal quiz format emerges! Holiday Surprise Caroloke continues! Chris tickles the ivories, which is a weird turn of phrase! It's a day late but, if anything, it's a dollar long! It's a new ep! #FinishIt

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Apologies dear users, unfortunately Chris needs more time to gestate this week's episode in his editing sac. It will be ready to burst forth tomorrow! And it is a doozy!

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Describe your personality with one Star Wars gif 💫

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Our last guest room for the year is out!

We are joined by brilliant designer Tommy Honton of @StashHouseLA to play through his fantastic, sci-fi adventure.

We're also assisted by the cool Yule brothers from @FinishItPod

Give it a listen:

This was super fun!

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You guys it's a heck of an ep! Chris totally forgets to do the quiz ahead of time, segments go on and on, fish facts get interrupted IT'S WILD! Plus the guys geek out over great music from @NeckShoulders and @i_am_wallis it's just a dang good time. Enjoy!

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Got my Compli & Concri in the latest @FinishItPod episode #134! 🪄🧙


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It's a day late but it's definitely a podcast! Enjoy this new episode in which Chris says goodbye to his human form, Matt rejects a non-human person's attempts to help, and there are so many horses who would need this many horses? #FinishIt

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DOOFUS ALERT oh hey good morning dearest users! Sadly, this week's ep will be making its big debut tomorrow bc someone (MATT) forgot to upload their audio and then went to bed early so someone else (sorry Chris!) wasn't able to edit it. Matt is sorry! Pls have a great day anyway!

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Happy Gratitudes, dear users! Here’s hoping the holiday finds you happy, hale and hearty! HOT TURKEY could this be the final read of the first Thankschoosing book? THERE’S ONLY 2 ENDINGS LEFT! Find out if the Yule boys blow it! #FinishIt

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This awesome thing is happening to benefit the nonprofit where I work today... $175k so far!!! 💥💥💥

Join in the fun!

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Slip into your super snug sea suits and prepare for adventure! Thrills! Chills! Sea plants! This ep has it all!* Plus, the Yules forget how to end a podcast and it kinda just goes on for a bit. #PodcastPros #FinishIt

*This episode does not have it all.

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Interested in listening to #FinishIt but not sure where to start? We have a page for that! Check out this handy guide to our journeys so far.

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