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My old teammate Zak DeOssie and I partnered up to dominate the Paddle World. It did not go as planned as we got smoked by these freakin guys!

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Hey @DavidDobrik, just spitballing here … but if we get 100k mentions of #FranksBigPour how would you feel about letting me pour a ridiculously big bottle of @FranksRedHot on you for charity? #FranksRedHotPartner

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Think @TeamVic and I can tackle cooking a Game Day meal? We teamed up with @StellaArtois to put our skills to the test. 
Learn more here:   #StellaStadiumBites #ad

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What do you think of the face mask my old center Shaun O’Hara gave me?

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Episode 1 of season 2 of Half Forgotten History is out. Archie and @EliManning join me. Did Eli think David Tyree actually caught it? Full episode below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Great catching up Trey.

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Happy Golden Anniversary to Archie and Olivia Manning, two of the finest people are Earth. ❤️❤️

I Agree Mort.

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Great catching up with Trey and my Dad.

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Philip Rivers announces retirement after 17-year career.

Congrats to Philip on an outstanding career. It was fun to watch my fellow Qb from 2004 draft class compete these past 17 years. Enjoy the next phase.

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Replying to @NFL: Philip Rivers announces retirement after 17-year career.

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Hitting the slopes today.

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You know I love to eat. But cook? I’m still learning there. 
Thanks to @StellaArtois, @TeamVic and I had a blast taking Game Day meals to the next level. Order your own meal kit before The Big Game here:   #StellaStadiumBites #ad

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I was just out for a little stroll today and look where I ended up and who I ran into!

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100th day of doing 100 pushups. Mission accomplished. Might have to keep it going.

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Can someone make it make sense to me what’s going on....?

This is why we don’t like the Eagles.

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What better way for @EliManning to celebrate his 40th Birthday than with his brother Cooper on the #ManningHour!

... Eh, there are probably better ways 😅

Coop said he would get me a birthday cake if I came on his show, I can’t believe I still fall for the Big Brother tricks.

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That’s how to start a must win game.

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We are dressed and ready. Let’s go Giants!

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Not sure what to wear for the Giants game today? My jersey or my birthday suit?

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Watching the Ole Miss/Indiana game and see a wr for Indiana with the last name Fryfogle. His dad was a WR with me at Ole Miss. It’s official, I am old.

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