After much hard work lobbying the Government and with the public's support for the Grenfell United petition we are pleased to announce that the PM has granted additional panel members to the inquiry. This is a huge step in our fight for justice & truth💚 Statement to follow.

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 2 years ago

@HildaPalmer @GrenfellUnited @Jos21Bell Please Keep up the fight because its truly about how ORDINARY PEOPLE ARE TREATED.. #Grenfell is* ALL OF US*!!.. #Windrush is* ALL OF US*!! 👍☀️🇬🇧🇺🇸☀️

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 2 years ago
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@GrenfellUnited The British (and Irish BTW) focus on inquiries is time wasting and ineffective. The resolution of this matter requires a new law requiring that non-flammable insulation and sprinklers are installed in buildings over two stories, not waffle about the cost to developers

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited Wonderful news!

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@GrenfellUnited @MrsVB Well done... Damn this Tory government...

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited this is amazing 💚💚💚

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited This has only been possible through the love, unit & support we have given each other. Revealed & grateful, but lots of work still to be done.

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Curt Schilling being Curt Schilling, acting a bit like Trump following the vote!!! Stop the count!!! I'm done with all those who voted, get me the Veterans Committee to settle this, not those on the baseball beat!!! #HOF2021

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So Big Papi or ARod aren’t HOFers according to this standard. I’m not upset just staying the situation. This situation it’s already loaded with double standards. #HOF2021

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If character is a consideration for the #HOF2021 , it’s certainly a trait Mr Schlling is lacking in. But go ahead and judge for yourselves:

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I’m raising a glass to Baseball Hall of Fame voters for remembering it’s not the Hall of Very Good. Bravo! #baseball #HOF2021

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BREAKING NEWS: $AABB #HOF2021 @swami242 @Aditya4720 @HammerstoneMar3 @BigBirdofBayst @esalinas_97 @Fundynature $GME $NXGB $CYBL $PTOP

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All these so-called "baseball authorities" losing their shit over Bonds, Clemens & Schilling not getting in the hall.
#baseball #HOF2021 #Bonds #Clemens #Schilling
Cry me a fucking river.

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.@baseballhall continues to prove year after year that they are a complete and total joke. #HOF2021

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@MLB #HOF2021 Should of said we are freezing every player a year. then hold Class of #HOF2020 delayed because of @Covid19 @MLBNetwork

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