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 1 month ago
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I feel like Victoria might be an early nominee, so I may vote for her and Julie πŸ‘€

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Screaming at them casting a cop after everything that happened last year #BBCAN9

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There's gonna be 2 returnees and it's going to irritate me greatly πŸ™ƒ #BBCAN9

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I voted for my two fav #BBCAN9 houseguests as Team Captains and to be protected from the 1st eviction and so can you! Vote now before it’s too late –

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@TheBryPie showmances ruin the show IMO .... but its what drives the ratings. Its backwards. I'd rather have a strong cast that uses strategy and plays the game. But that's just me #BBCAN9

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Who wanna do drafts for #BBCAN9 ? 1v1 or Groups

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NEWS: $FSR #BBCAN9 @Dr_mohmoh @s_u_c_h_y @SailajaVenki @DudeDoesDD @Stockpro1221 @Marketupdater $TQLB $UPDC $OLVI #MWN

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