#Toonami and #SSSSGRIDMAN are trending? Wow.
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#UnBanNairo the man's name is cleared and deserves to have his platform returned to him.

Do the right thing @Twitch @TwitchSupport

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I miss his streams

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Nairo should be unbanned. The evidence points that he was not an abuser in anyway shape or form, but a victim of sexual assault. #UnBanNairo

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Dream stans getting something as stupid as Wendys when a rape victim is in a time of need really shows how fucking stupid Dream stans are #UnBanNairo #unbannairomk

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bring him home bois.

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Nairo is still definitely my favorite smash player of all time. He has made me laugh when I was having a bad and made me want to continue playing a game I love when I felt I couldn't anymore. I don't care what everyone else says he is the nicest guy to meet #UnBanNairo

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