America is taking the lead on challenging China over allegations of forced labour

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@TheEconomist China has eradicated extreme poverty through state created vocational training for extremely poor illiterate in the rural areas, then relocating them to newly built cities where they get jobs. They won't be changing their policies soon as it's helping millions of people.

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@TheEconomist as long as there is clear evidence of it happening in the factory where goods are made , they can be stopped under WTO rules

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@TheEconomist This reminds me of the massive destruction weapons of Iraq: America denouncing something nonexistent.

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@TheEconomist Why do you all think that an entire Chinese ethnic group in the Xinjiang region would need to be 'forced' to work? The Economist knows so much about this ethnic group they've even spelled their name wrong

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 1 week ago

@TheEconomist Not only it is forced labour, it is a Holocaust.

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@TheEconomist Well someone should.

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@TheEconomist Ask Hunter?😀

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> rts much loved!!
> xe/xem pronouns!!
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“trans rights? of course trans rights, they’re human rights, i believe”
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my mcyt!

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heard we were talkin bout transgenderism?


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I didn’t even know #transmcyttwtselfieday was a thing but here I am

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im not showing my face, but #transmcyttwtselfieday
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—> preferably no rts makes me anxious

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