Travellers banned from arriving in UK from South America and Portugal from Friday, over concerns about Brazilian Covid variant

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@haynesey89 @BBCBreaking and what we do with the economy bruh

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@BBCBreaking Should close the border πŸ›‘

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@quadnumber Profile picture Quadnumber


 1 day ago

@BBCBreaking should've been doing this in march but okay!

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@BBCBreaking Have tge government included Portugal because they speak the same language wouldn't surprise this government lack sense and logic.

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@BBCBreaking Yeah we've been banned for ages to these countries. We're just slower on the uptake

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@haynesey89 Profile picture Haynesey


 1 day ago

@BBCBreaking Lock the borders immediately.

Ground ALL the planes.

Amazing I have to say this but..

Lockdown MEANS lockdown.

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@BBCBreaking Unbelievable!

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