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 23 hours ago

SO GOOD to see a terrific movie (mainly English) with a riveting story & great Indian actors: young @gouravadarsh
brilliantly supported by my fave @priyankachopra & @rajkummar_rao
Producer @mukuldeora
@netflix_in from 22nd Jan
Brilliant adaptation of Adiga’s #WhiteTiger book

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@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in I wonder if she felt the same way i did, there was something more, some unexplainable connection, a #Raabta #Kite4SSR #Justice4SSR #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput

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@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in 💙💙

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 21 hours ago

@iKabirBedi @galina_krasteva @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in Mi piace sandokan ho visto tutte le puntate

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@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in Me encantan estas películas,los actores indios,grandes actores @priyankachopra & @rajkummar_rao las historias,la música,no me canso verlas.Gracias por recomendarla

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 22 hours ago

@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in Thank you for the recommendation, Sir. ❤️🙏 I'll put that one on my watch list.

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@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in Nice sir. How are you sir

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 23 hours ago

@iKabirBedi @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in 🙌🧿🌸🤞

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@iKabirBedi @PriyankaDailyFC @GouravAdarsh @priyankachopra @Rajkummar_Rao @mukuldeora @netflix_in 🔥

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Sharing #FridayFeeling from #OurTeam in #Colombia 🇨🇴 where the Asociación Siembra Mujer helps recover ancestral knowledge & practices to strengthen family ties & prevent violence through games & art #SomosPARtedelaSolución @USAID_Colombia

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Let's look forward to a better year & stay positive through your day everyday. When things get worse we always manage to do better. Learn from our mistakes and better ourselves. Truth will prevail and lies will fade. #FridayFeeling

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At last I have what I wanted. Am I happy? Not really. But what’s missing? My soul no longer has that piquant activity conferred by desire...
Oh, we should not delude ourselves,
pleasure isn’t in the fulfillment,
but in the pursuit. De Beaumarchais

#FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts

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Throughout @NisaRetail head office we have lots of staff doing great work in their community, Today our 2020 Charity Champions have been named!
Congratulations to Eloise, Matthew, Lorraine and Gemma! #MakingaDifferenceLocally #CharityChampions #FridayFeeling

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We've got that #FridayFeeling and we want to know, which #NoStraightRoads character would you want to spend the weekend with?

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#FridayFeeling - Have a calm, relaxed and stress free day with this soothing and calming music

#FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation

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