India's Kumbh Mela festival, widely considered to be the world's largest human gathering, begins amid Covid concerns

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 1 day ago

@TTV_RomanJK @BBCWorld Yeah, it's a good way to cull the herd!

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@toothyinhale @BBCWorld it is so big it can be seen from space

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@ChaseNorberg @BBCWorld Unfortunately, this religious rite cannot be done virtually, it must be done in the waters of the Ganges. While many could wait a year or two many, far too many, this is their last chance to achieve ending the life death rebirth cycle

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@BBCWorld The country is still standing after 250 million of their farmers came out in protest in late 2020 with no social distancing and hardly any muzzles. And here is my 2021 prediction: India will not be wiped out by covid in 2021 or any other year.

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@BBCWorld Good! Let people go out and be “human” again!

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 1 day ago

@BBCWorld I thought we'd gone through all the scary phrases, but "world's largest human gathering" takes the cake! 2021, here we come!

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 1 day ago

@BBCWorld They have the vaccine already no fear

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 1 day ago

@BBCWorld 😲🚂🚃🚅🚆

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@BBCWorld They probably should have cancelled or gone 100% virtual, but such is life (and, apparently, death).

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Now look at all the channels #DragRace

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BABY, TAMISHA DID T H A T!!!!!!!! #DragRace

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#DragRace And again, Rosé has a great outfit. Not insane about the make-up though.

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Serving them looks tonight #DragRace

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#DragRace Kahmora looks fun. Yeah.

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Omg @TamishaIman1 with that nod to #RHOA in her verse! 🍑 #DragRace

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#DragRace Joey looks great too but the hair... No wigs is not that much of a great idea.

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