When will Joe Biden Hug the
American Flag?....

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Sad to see Conor like this but Im so happy Dustin is finally getting the respect he deserves its sad that it took this for people to finally realize @DustinPoirier #paidinfull

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Don't forget Dustin is the only fighter to put Khabib in actual danger both on the feet and the ground 💎 #PaidInFull #UFC257

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Couldn’t be happier for @DustinPoirier for proving the doubters wrong once again💎 #PaidInFull

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I feel for Conor and this loss. I just hope it’s not like a Rousey situation and he can make the adjustments to become sharp like we’ve seen him in the past. Great win Dustin. #UFC257 #paidinfull

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I might shotgun this shit rn im on cloud 9 💎💎 @DustinPoirier #PaidInFull

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@DustinPoirier Paid the cost to be the boss #PaidInFull

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