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 1 day ago

Online registrations for the #ePremierLeague close tomorrow, Reds 🎮

Get involved for the chance to represent us in the finals 🙌

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@tweetbeatle_ @LFC Good Luck with that one 😂

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 1 day ago

@LFC Banta club

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 1 day ago

@LFC When do registrations for a new CB before the United game close ? Boy you guys are cutting it close

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@LFC Dear Liverpool fans,

Goodbye. Ive had a long think about it and I have realised that I don’t love this club anymore.I hate it. It’s just a tinpot club that has no form of success. I’ve decided to support a winning Team like Man United, a big team with history.

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 1 day ago

@eoink28 @LFC Someone’s records 0-100 against the mighty meta Joe Gomez

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 1 day ago

@LFC And the January window closes at the end of the month. Sign a damn CB

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 1 day ago

@LFC Sign a fucking CB

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 1 day ago

@LFC How about you lot represent us in some finals mf....

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 1 day ago

@LFC Shit fifa club

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Lets create a #NextJS + typescript project where we create a filterable list from json file & then filter them using useReducers + useContext🚀

#frontend #webdevelopment #WebDeveloper #programming #Coding #React #reactjs #code #FridayMotivation @YouTube

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Lockdown Life Lesson #2 from #TheScoop by Cat Walker A rainy day at the #chairbythesea prompts memories of Dad’s passion for sailing & I manage to hold my book upside down! #lockdownlifelessons #RIPDad #lockdown #lifelessons #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #hanginthere 🤗

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Our national partner in Iraq, Khutwa Center, has been very busy indeed!

The wonderful @nadiaali3000 has been using our train-the- trainer programme to bring new volunteers on board to start new clubs throughout Iraq! Go Nadia and team 👏

#FridayFeature #FridayMotivation

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Real vasudev has come to the universe that is absolutely @SaintRampalJiM a great saint, saint ramapal ji give a true spritual knowledge and devotion.

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Need a beautiful escape while working? Here is a free #FridayMotivation to calm & relax #helmetstohardhats #Veterans #canadianforces

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it’s finally #Friday. don’t forget to make a contemplative face.

#FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts 15/365

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दुनिया का सब से बडा़ "रोग" ,
मेरे बारे में क्या कहेंगे "लोग"।

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Looks like our Meaco 12L Low Energy #dehumidifier photobombed these adorable dog's birthday snap🎂 @4PawsLover🐶 #dogsoftwitter #petslove #FridayMotivation

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