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@iHrithik U always cool mhannn @iHrithik happy makar Sankranti 🪁

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@iHrithik Super

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@iHrithik Mera Beta Cool Cool? 😂

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@iHrithik Sir need job.. plz help

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We should have a separate trial through the justice system for Trump that tries him for domestic terrorism and treason. He will not be able to run again because he'll be in prison for the rest of his life!!

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Meanwhile, I'd be happy to see Trump go to prison even *before* the Senate trial...

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#GameStop #Reddit #Heupel #XMenVote #AnxietyMakesMe #JordynWoods #bookmark #SaveAMC #HolocaustRemembranceDay #TrumpTerrorists #wednesdaythought #NeverAgain #RobinHood #WallStreet #ChadWheeler

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#QCongress and #TrumpTerrorists are America’s Taliban. We need justice so we don’t end up in a dystopia like the Afghan people.

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@Bluestocking66 @SenTedCruz #TrumpTerrorists
Ted Cruz
Josh Hawley
Kevin McCarthy
Lindsey Graham
Mo Brooks
Ron Johnson
Louis Gohmert
Jim Jordan
Matt Gaetz
Lauren Boebert
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Andy Biggs
Paul Gosar
Roger Marshall
Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul
Tommy Tuberville

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Watch the video @marcorubio of #Trumpterrorists storming the capital, inspired by their instigator Trump, aided by Hawley, Cruz and numerous other Republicans. #Trumpterrorists looking to kill VP Pence and Speaker Pelosi. Conviction on sedition is 100% warranted.

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