“It’s like seeing fingerprints the river left behind”

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@NatGeo Magnifique

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo Wow! We learned in grade schooling the late 50s and early 60s how rivers can change their courses. To be sure they didn't have the tools they do now, but we started to understand the importance of flood plains.

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo 👍

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo OMGGGGGG!!!😃💙🙄🤯🤔💙😃

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo How artistic!

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo Cool.

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@JustinRuehs Thank You for this initiative! 🙏

Now I have a chance to get a new CAR and improve my life!
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 1 week ago

@NatGeo For the love of my 4.5 year old, @NatGeo / @NatGeoChannel can you please fix this (your) video on @YouTube

He just wants to learn about Pluto 🌏

.... and is deeply frustrated it doesn’t work!

He’s 4.5 , please do this Dad a solid!

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@middleageriot Both House and Senate contain members whose conduct has brought dishonor, disrepute, and sedition to Congress. #SeditionCaucus must be held accountable NOW, before making a mockery of US jury justice in the Senate trial. #CLEANHOUSE

#TrumpTerrorists #cnn #msnbc #senate

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@amyklobuchar @stevemoth #TrumpTerrorists
Ted Cruz
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Paul Gosar
Roger Marshall
Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul

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@LepapillonBlu Keep trump and the rest of the #TrumpTerrorists muzzled.

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