COVID-19 has decimated the tourism economy in the area surrounding the Inca ruins, which attract more than a million visitors in a normal year

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 3 days ago

@NatGeo # that's sad
# everyone please were your masks

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo Now nations, who hate us, are finding out how much they depend on us.

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@NatGeo Fauci funding for more powerful transmissible viruses
(from wikipedia what he means)
NOTE: In 2014 the United States banned this testing (put a moratorium on this)

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@NatGeo -Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients

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@NatGeo St Louis award winning local news "Voice of St. Louis." since 1920s ---->

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@NatGeo Wat a shame

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 5 days ago

@NatGeo COVID-19 has decimated the tourism economy EVERYWHERE.

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@NatGeo Maybe it's a good thing? Giving the area some space to breath

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@NatGeo Such is to be expected.

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Women tearing other women down in a competition for a MAN is disgusting to me #thebachelor

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Yoh Sarah is now more annoying than Victoria 😭💀 why would she crash the group date 😭😭

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#noah beck
Does He (TRUMP) seek a CIVIL WAR ?

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No way that’s the last of Sarah. What are the odds she comes back when Matt’s leveled the field?? #TheBachelor

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Katie "Good Vibrations" Thurston for Bachelorette 🌹


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Okay and also. Is Chris Harrison’s book that he released really an erotic novel? I have so many questions. 🤣 #TheBachelor

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