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 1 week ago

Jarvis with the moves. @God_Son80 (by @WilsonFootball)

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 1 week ago

@Goat73835777 @NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball Allll day

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@ChubbXHunt @NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball On the brown's roster? Agreed

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 1 week ago

@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball Steelers defense?? Argh.. as expected..

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@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball **Check out these Highlights**

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@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball I think we’ve seen enough highlights from this game... 😬😂

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@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball Steelers slander chain 👇👇👇

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 1 week ago

@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball Top 10 receiver

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 1 week ago

@NFL @God_Son80 @WilsonFootball Pat Ricard would lay the dude out

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@Alyssa_Milano @nytimes First the stupid Biden Rolex story and now this? She was fired for saying that she got chills when Biden’s plane landed? If they won’t #rehireLauren then Biden himself should give her a job in his press department.

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@JShahryar @Wolfe321 @nytimes I feel such powerlessness that a media colossus like @NYTimes has surrendered to the dark-loving trolls of an idiot lunatic traitor sex predator insurrectionist Russian stooge who isn't even in power anymore.


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@nytimes #rehireLauren Come on do the right thing! She did - she gave the public what we needed multiple times. Plus a good human. Don’t show your weakness by lying down! Rehire Lauren- make a difference!!

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