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@conmcin Profile picture Connie


 5 days ago

@Nissan_R32_GTST @WhiteHouse More like 3 Presidents & a baby who faked a bone spur 5x to not serve our country who became a reality star that lied about being a successful businessman who bankrupted 6 businesses & America. Just saying. Within 6 mths there are going to be a lot of woke people abt the real Don

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@HornedPoet @WhiteHouse Since you’re watching The Mandalorian (which you spelled wrong)... I’d like to go ahead and let you know LUKE SHOWS UP AT THE END AND TAKES GROGRU.

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@EllaSyk01575643 @WhiteHouse 1) he didn’t 2) it was planned and antifa etc were paid (they were ‘literally’ let into the Capitol) literally

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@MelodyM00151941 Profile picture Melody


 5 days ago

@WhiteHouse So much was supposed to happen that has not So far.. Nobody actually knows.. I've heard Trump was supposed to declare marshal law.. He didn't.. I heard he was supposed to show evidence of corruption.. He hasn't.. So no I won't believe till I see it.

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@WhiteHouse Good to see The White House back on Twitter. My friend and I are watching 'The Mandelorian;' so I'll attend to the President's speech later. But I am glad that Donald has enough support to avoid removal and finish strong for a legacy of honor

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@WhiteHouse Greatest president ever

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@Nissan_R32_GTST Profile picture Michael


 5 days ago
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TEAM INDIA showed that they are the team who create history,who breaks history. Isn't or not? #AUSvsIND @SonySportsIndia

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Interesting to see how the probabilities progressed at the end of days 2, 3 and 4 Vs the final result... makes the format super enjoyable (once in a while 😎). What a historic game and show of steel by the team.

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Hail ‘The Wall’ for the young team #AUSvsIND #INDvAUS

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Brock @RishabhPant17 Well done. You are real hero...4th test match, India win by 3 wickets.. #BorderGavaskarTrophy @BCCI ... #AUSvsIND India win the series 2-1

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A Test series becomes truly great when Australia loses 2-1 l 2001 in India, 2005 Ashes, and now this. #AUSvsIND #GabbaTest

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Hey @MichaelVaughan talk nah !!! #AUSvsIND

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