"Tom and I have a friendship and mutual respect. We were texting back and forth on Monday, chuckling at this whole scenario," - Drew Brees

Brees said once Brady signed with the Bucs “I envisioned this game happening"


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@Nick33187663 Profile picture Nick


 1 week ago

@SuiySaints @Saints They are 1 year apart I bet drew retires before Brady lmao

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@PeNiro36 Profile picture Matt Pops


 1 week ago

@aRussoo14 @Saints Or get Mikey to tweet that Drew is money

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@unctotez22 Profile picture Nick Rude


 1 week ago

@DesareeBaker @Saints I don’t like this either. Y’all got all retirement to be buddies lol

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@Saints I hope you told him we was go bust that ass 3x

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@Saints Just waiting for part 2

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@Saints Nah y’all gotta beef for a week

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@aRussoo14 Profile picture anthony


 1 week ago

@Saints Send him the GGs drew pull out all the stops for this one

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@Saints Idc , they aren’t friends on Sunday

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I will amazon product background remove, retouch
#sundayvibes #SundayMorning #rehireLauren #SundayThoughts #SundayBrunch

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It’s #SundayMorning. Almost 8:30am. Has he called a lid yet?

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New Comic! #96 “A New Day…”

Adam enjoys a beautiful day.

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#SundayMorning quiet time.
Have you smiled yet today?
Thought about something beautiful?
Thought something kind about yourself?
Has anyone told you yet today that you are amazing & uniquely beautiful? Well, I just did.
Look in the mirror. Check these off one-by-one
#Dog #wisdom

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#snow #sundayvibes #SundayBrunch #SundayMorning #MarrShow honestly i’ve had enough of these people

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A good #SundayMorning from the beach 🏖 in Hollywood Florida #photohour

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