Travel through time and look back on 130 years worth of National Geographic magazine covers

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@NatGeo Great👍

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@NatGeo A very Historic Day, Happy Anniversary....

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@NatGeo National Geographic ❤️ the best! My favorite for so many years! 🎶🌴🌞👏👏👏

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 1 week ago

@NatGeo When my family first visited "Little Crow" island (Five Isl. Maine ~1960) after it was given to my father I was immediately drawn to the FULL collection of National Geographic magazines over the stairs to the upstairs bdrm. I was never bored there.

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Learn more about some trailblazing women and their achievements in science and exploration

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In 133 years, many influential women have visited the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Here, Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt arrive at National Geographic for a lunch honoring Earhart

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Peek through these vintage photos from our archives to see if you can find the familiar yellow-framed cover

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This isn’t just the earliest film in National Geographic's archives—it’s a peek into a pair of wildly disastrous scientific adventures

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These photographic milestones pushed the boundaries of storytelling

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January 13, 2021, marks National Geographic's 133rd birthday! Take a look back at some moments from our history

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@BTS_twt forever with you, we love you #ThankYouJimin

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Un dia como hoy hace 8 años teniamos el primer tweet de Jimin, en él decía que tenia 19 años y que amaba bailar. Y actualmente, a sus 25 años nos a demostrado lo hermoso que es su baile y lo talentoso que es.
#ThankYouJimin 💜

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Jimin!!! Look at you, 8 years already🥺 Thank you for 8 years of making this world a better place, and making thousands of people around the world so much happier! Please stay with us for another 8, 16, 24... years!WE LOVE YOUUU💜💜💜 #ThankYouJimin #8yearswithjimin

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