Republican senators must decide today between upholding 244 years of democracy or going down in history as siding with a delusional con man.

It shouldn’t be a tough choice.

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@UrBroYo @HillaryClinton And then he pushes Mike off halfway down

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 2 weeks ago

@wxilliam @HillaryClinton Hillary too.

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton They've already shown us who they are.

Their vote at this point is moot.

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@HillaryClinton Many forks in the road have come and gone. They continue to choose the path of betrayal and will receive a fool's inheritance.

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton Just in:

No matter what - Biden has the presidency in his pocket. Period!

Watch this Gigawatts video versus megawatts rants of Trump - RETWEET and appreciate:

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton Although Biden won the Nov. 3 election by more than 7 million popular votes and a 306-232 margin in the Electoral College, Trump — without evidence — continues to claim his victory was the result of widespread fraud

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@HillaryClinton If Trump doesn’t end up in prison our system has failed us

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Always bet on the guy who walks out to The Final Countdown #UFC257

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A mullet and The Final Countdown.....alright! #UFC257

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You can bet @danawhite and @UFConESPNplus are going to be firing someone over the massive PPV technical fail. I was going to buy it, but no go. I feel sorry for the people who purchased online and now can’t even watch.


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Streamers hit Dana with the uno reverse card and the ESPN app ended up being the thing that got shutdown. #UFC257

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