One gift Trump could give the country and the world is to not start a war with Iran in his final 15 days in office.

It’s hard to tell whether his administration is making intentional moves or simply displaying incompetence.

Either way, they are playing a dangerous game.

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@JORGE_C_NY @HillaryClinton Ted Cruz can't not be trusted!!!

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@SalehM59342527 @HillaryClinton لماذا تخافون علي امريكا الكبري من ان تدخل حربا مع إيران؟
هل لانكم معتادون علي شن الحروب الخطأ دائما !
ولماذا تخاف السيدة هيلاري صاحبة الايادي الملطخة ب كامل الدماء العربية من الحرب علي إيران

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton Are you really giving advice about not starting and funding unnecessary wars?

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 2 weeks ago

@abbierenn @HillaryClinton And Hillary was right about EVERYTHING

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@lo_IVanic_lo @HillaryClinton 😂😂 after all the crap he’s done that is illegal, you’re still talking about emails.

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@HillaryClinton I’m scared shitless, I can’t help but feel like he is going to start a war with Iran.

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton Trump is burning it down on his way out

Your presidency would have saved American lives

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 2 weeks ago

@HillaryClinton One gift would be sending you to jail for the emails

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@HillaryClinton 🇷🇺🐍"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in"

They knew

Lindsey Graham knew.
Marco Rubio knew.
Ted Cruz knew.
Rand Paul knew.
Nikki Haley knew.
Kellyanne Conway knew.
Mike Pompeo knew.
Rick Perry knew.
Susan Collins knew.

They all knew.

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Wow now #Lifetime going to produce biopic on Mahalia Jackson … #Lifetime is going after that black money, honey. 36 years you couldn’t anything black nothing on there. So which network is gonna do one on actress #HattieMcDaniels ? #SaltNPepaMovie

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I'm glad I was growing up listening to the real Salt n Pepa cause if I had to learn about them THIS WAY, NO MAAM! To the younger generation, I'm sorry. #SaltNPepaMovie

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#SaltNPepaMovie that hairstyle wasn’t a mistake that was a blessing that sparked a movement

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@SoShaydee @lifetimetv @DaOnlySalt @TheSaltNPepa Yes they are coming with it and idk the last time I've watched a movie on Lifetime. I'm trying to see if the last one was the Clark sister's movie but I will be watching the ones you mentioned #SaltNPepa #saltnpepamovie

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Never thought Pepa would've wanted to have a baby and get married. #SaltNPepaMovie

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That’s her first baby daddy #SaltNPepaMovie He was a “rapper.”

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