New Year's resolution = a better booty.

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@kourtneykardash Nice. How much are you going to spend on it?

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@Suralovee Profile picture Suralovee🤍


 2 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash If I don’t get a booty like yours following this plan I’m gonna be sad! Lol 🥰

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@kourtneykardash Baby there’s a typo in the very first sentence. You gotta proof

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@LyleLuvsIt Profile picture Lyle Brandon


 2 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash Kourtney..not now, okay?!

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@kourtneykardash My inspiration in everything 🖤🖤

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@kourtneykardash POWERFUL SISTERS🖤

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@kourtneykardash I love you

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More than a little pissed about the #SCOTUS decision about letting Trump slide since he’s no longer in office, anyway. Wtf?? What the actual fuck? When else would they be able to DO something about it, since they don’t want to do it while he’s in office?

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#SCOTUS we can either pack the courts or if Breyer were to step down replace him. Also the filibuster needs to die minority rule doesn't take the country hostage. #EndTheFilibuster #MoscowMitch #

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@JRehling @RikerAwtk Of course, his #SupremeCourt. That’s why there have to be changes with justices added to the bench as well as term limits for everyone. If there’s a term limit for presidents there should be for all members of the house, Senate and #Scotus. #Emoluments.

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@JohnCornyn unprecedented was amy coney barrett 27 days to #SCOTUS

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@AP SCOTUS clearly assisted the Democrats and deep state with election fraud.

If they think this little trick will appease Trump or any decent person, they need to think again.

What are they so frightened of?

Trump has it all. Tick tock


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Remember when judges were so honest you couldn’t tell which party they sided with? Because they didn’t? #SCOTUS

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I am old enough to remember when Jimmy Carter had to put his peanut farm into a blind trust. HIS. PEANUT. FARM. Yet, it is just fine to accept fees to house public servants at tax payer cost. #SCOTUS wise up.

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