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 3 weeks ago

Entering 2021 with new skills

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@yehdilbechara @iHrithik Way ahead of you 😂

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 3 weeks ago

@iHrithik Phenomenal achievement supporting from #Pakistan getting #COVID19vaccine 💉 in #India but please avoid #VaccinePolitics it is time to save humanity not glitter politicians that always break💔of innocent citizens for gaining #political power interest in long term #IndiaFightCorona

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 3 weeks ago

@iHrithik इस उपलब्धि से आज हर भारतीय खुश हैं, बस सबूत गैंग के ये तीन संस्थापक दुखी हैं।

१) राहुल गांधी


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@iHrithik First of all stop doing WhiteHat Jr. ads

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 3 weeks ago

@iHrithik Aww

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@iHrithik 😍😍😍😍

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@iHrithik What if zindagi na milegi dobara was a heist movie
Zindagi na milegi dobara- a dishonest trailer, check it out here

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@TopStockAlerts1 @elonmusk free movies tickets for life!!! #SaveAMC let's go!!!

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Can’t wait for everyone to resume buying $AMC once lunch is over on the east coast #SaveAMC #TheMissionContinues

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AMC to Mars! Can we get a hell yeah @elonmusk? #SaveAMC #amcstock #WSB

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@wallstreetbets @TDAmeritrade said you cant save $AMC..any truth to that? #SaveAMC

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I’m always down for David giving Goliath the middle finger!!! @elonmusk help us #SaveAMC

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@chamath you are a man of the people, thank you for standing up against the elitist @CNBC #SaveAMC

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