Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear! May 2021 be filled with the blessings of joy, good health & peace throughout the year!

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@karen_kelton Profile picture Karen Kelton


 2 weeks ago

@JWeber988 @FLOTUS I’m thinking about Barron tonight. You knew Trump was mentally unstable and stayed with him. Pack up your things and Barron’s things and go. Don’t expose him to the monster any longer.

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@58bugeye @FLOTUS One of these rooms is the Russian Kremlin the other two rooms are Melania's renovations at Mar-a-Lago. Guess which one ha ha Ha ha ha

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@JanetSm90210 Profile picture Janet Smith


 3 weeks ago

@MatthewJshow @FLOTUS What exactly makes her the best? What has she done as First Lady? Name one accomplishment. I’ll wait.

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@FLOTUS We love you and wish you never become a big mouth x 1st lady like M Obama. Healthy New Year

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@FLOTUS Time for you to pack.

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@kimabbottmk Profile picture Kim Abbott


 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS Wishing you a Happy New Year too! Awesome First Lady! Thank you! Look forward to the next 4 with you as our FLOTUS

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@JWeber988 Profile picture Jonathan Webers


 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS @BorisEP I wish your husband a year filled with many indictments.

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@MatthewJshow Profile picture MatthewJshow


 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS Happy New Year!


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@58bugeye Profile picture BlueDream


 3 weeks ago

@FLOTUS You look so happy

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... La guerrière Raya sera quant à elle doublée en version française par Émilie Rault alors que sa rivale Namaari aura pour voix celle de Jade Phan-Gia.

#RayaetleDernierDragon #RayaandtheLastDragon #DisneyRaya

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Que animação ❤️ #RayaAndTheLastDragon

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Check out the new trailer, screenshots and poster for Raya and the Last Dragon

#DisneyRaya #DisneyPlus #RayaAndTheLastDragon @DisneyRaya #Disney

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The way people are acting about #RayaAndTheLastDragon is proof that sexism/racism/colorism transcend reality and creeps their way into our fictional works of art.

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OK Raya is a freaking badass and I'm HERE FOR IT! #RayaAndTheLastDragon @DisneyRaya

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Para restaurar la paz, debe encontrar al último dragón.

Trailer oficial de #RayaYElUltimoDragon... ¡me encantó la música!

La cinta llegará a los cines éste 2021.

#Disney #RayaAndTheLastDragon

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