ATTENTION GEORGIA (and particularly Cobb County!): @aliciakeys is right! TODAY is the last day of early voting; make sure you STAY IN LINE and cast your ballot! Find hours and locations at and call 888-730-5816 with questions. #gapol #gasen

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 3 weeks ago
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@staceyabrams @aliciakeys Much Love 💕 for Georgia

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 3 weeks ago

@staceyabrams @aliciakeys Did my part !!

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@staceyabrams @aliciakeys $300 Extra for staying in on New Years Eve if you register and they can track you stayed home.
Stay In Help Out Scheme.
$300 Stay In Help Out Scheme Reward for all who stay indoors.
Fill out form below. This is from Mitch & Trump.

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 3 weeks ago
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@staceyabrams @aliciakeys Georgia: You decide whether we receive financial support we need, financial support that

-ALL citizens of peer nations have been getting this whole yr

-we're entitled to bc we already gave the govt the funds we're asking for when we paid our taxes

On Jan 5, we need you to say:

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Kobe wasn’t even my favorite basketball player as a kid but I still loved watching him. I also feel like a piece of that Mamba mentality is in everybody. Go hard at what you do no matter what it is. Rest In Peace #MambaForever

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On this day dont forget the other 6 people who where in that helicopter. RIP and condolences to them and their families as well. #MambaForever

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Still so unreal... RIP Kobe Bean & Gigi... life is way too short.. thank the those that love and hate you... don’t take the I’ll see you later for granted.. 🙃🥲 #MambaForever

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