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 3 weeks ago

Hey Pixar— Don’t know if you’ve paid attention for the past year, but I don’t need another reason to cry.

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 3 weeks ago

@wnhbab @ConanOBrien why is there always an asian posting fan cams

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 3 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien Oh, but it’s SO GOOD.

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@ConanOBrien The people need a sequel to Osmosis Jones to fight covid 19

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 3 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien haha! Coronavirus animated movie?

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 3 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien Oh it’s therapeutic...

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@ConanOBrien Oh no is this about Soul?

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@ConanOBrien 😂😂😂

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@ConanOBrien Hi
Hello dude from Aryavartha!

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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@ConanOBrien You tell ‘em, Coco.

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Breaking News: $ETFM #VTuberUprising @BigBurtLaugh @venicecitizens @420JRO @cuckoverlordWCS @JimmyC425 @squeezereport $AMTX $LLKKF $INKW $AABB

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If the #VTuberUprising actually happens, the world is going to devolve into anarchy. Please don't ruin real life for me, too.

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gamestop trey songz england birdwatch nsfw and major dominion percy jackson sinema #estock views wwe network kaepernick calum kevin love arkansas #vtuberuprising jimmer manchester kyungsoo #INeverThoughtIdGoogle

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Am I too late for the #VTuberUprising??? I was eating soup and drinking tea...

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Just so there's no petty drama. #VTuberUprising is about how far we've come and how far we'll go.
What you think about pewdiepie is irrelevant to the idea of it. He's big, he used a model which opens up our community to more eyes. Also Terry Crews acknowledged us, that's cool.

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🎵If you've got the premonition
That you're in a frightful situation
You might be too late, ya might be too late...
You might already be in my sights~🎵

But... what exactly IS in my sights, Twitter memesters?

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