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These Latinas were pioneers for workers’ rights in the U.S. Here are 2 you should have learned about in school

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@TIME International Labour Organisation should inaugurate a Hall of Fame in order to recognise workers and their leaders all over the world, who have contributed in one way or the other towards the emancipation of the world's workforce.

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@TIME Considering #colorism see my work on Antonio Gomez (Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science) the Latino Emmit Till. Another untold story.

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@TIME Though there has been something of a proliferation of Latin American literature, cultural imperialism tends still to manifest itself in material omission from history books.

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Nikola Tesla


The Weekly Newsmagazine

July 20, 1931

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I'll call you President Biden if you promise to visit me in jail!

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“The water pressure around this dump is terrible. You have to flush 10 or 15 times. One time it took me 22 flushes.” #TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid

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#TrumpsNoteToBidenSaid <> Once again the #leak came from the #Socialist #democrat #DementiaJoe AND always from #democrats. How many #idiots on the #left actually believe this? To many I am sure. 🤪 #LMAO

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