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 1 month ago

“For so many of us now, the personal traumas of this pandemic are constantly compounding as the crisis stretches on, as we remain cut off from some of our loved ones far longer than we once imagined possible,” writes @nicolesjchung

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 1 month ago

@TIME @nicolesjchung Lord help us all... So unimaginable a pandemic could creep into a civilized and tech consuming world of ours and make nonsense of all human achievement in 2020! Boy! Its huge to take in.

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Zaru says no more unpacking
#CatsOfTwitter #Caturday #ilikecats

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@RadioFreeTom Rare sun, not so rare lazy cat #Caturday

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I quietly asked Ollie if he could move over and he did! #Caturday

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So both my girls are trying to lull me into a #Caturday nap, but I'm hosting #KungFuSat on my @SweetEmmyCat account in less than 15-min!


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