A huge congrats to Sydney Barber, who will be the first Black woman to lead Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy. Your hard work—and the powerful example you set—are such an inspiration. I’m so proud of you!

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 2 months ago

@chamemerasha @MichelleObama What is this suppose to mean? The vote was always going to be recounted.

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@MichelleObama Don’t care didn’t ask + ratiod

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@MichelleObama "Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude."

- Michelle Obama

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@MichelleObama Congratulations my sister! 💙🇺🇸

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@MichelleObama Proud of ya

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@MichelleObama 🚨BREAKING NEWS 🚨

GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on the presidential election: "With a margin being so close, it will require a full by-hand recount in each county. This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount, and a recanvass all at once.

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@MichelleObama How Hitler seized power in Nazi Germany:
1. Create a crisis.
2. Demonize opponents.
3. Declare a state of emergency.
4. Undermine elections.
5. Make the rule of law irrelevant.
6. Rule by executive order.
Number 4 is trending

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Oof today is pro choice vs pro life (birth) day I’m most interested in the opinions of the prolifers who also have aided in the deaths of over 400000 bc it’s their right to choose not to wear a mask but it is their right to force growing and producing humans ? #RoevWade

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Everybody knows somebody who has had an #abortion. Today we honor the #anniversary of #RoevWade the #SCOTUS decision that legalized abortion in the US back in 1973. We are proud to be faithful advocates for #reproductivefreedom 💖

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Here's what's fascinating about #RoevWade that many forget - Protestants, including Evangelicals, largely supported the decision.

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On the 48th anniversary of #RoevWade this is the thread you should read. 👇🏽

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shout the fuck out to #RoevWade saving womens’ lives for years now, giving us the power over our own bodies. as it should be.💡

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It’s the 48th anniversary of #RoevWade - and reproductive freedom is at risk. What Can Be Done To Protect Abortion In America? Plenty by @jessemermell

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On the anniversary of #RoevWade, we’re taking time to honor our Coalition Members who are leading in the movement for reproductive health, rights, and justice:

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Why can’t we all agree that lowering the abortion rate and teen pregnancy by offering comprehensive sex Ed, family planning, and free &/or affordable access to contraception is a good thing? Let’s start by reducing unwanted & unplanned pregnancy. #RoevWade

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