Van, thank you for expressing the sorrow and relief that we all feel. My hope is that those who hoped for a different outcome will take a moment to empathize with the pain so many of us have felt over the past four years.

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@Claire_babie Profile picture claire babie


 2 months ago

@eaahenkorah @MichelleObama I used to see America as the role model, the grand daddy but over the past 4 years... That thought died.
I saw all their flaws and it changed the narrative of America being strongest country in the world for me. They were so divided and weak 😁 tweeting every minute

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@cptnmidnite Profile picture Mandy


 2 months ago

@MichelleObama Yes! If you don’t get emotional watching this, you have no soul.

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@TOKATODAY Profile picture TOKA


 2 months ago

@MichelleObama Amazing.

It's going to be so great having a dignified White House again.

Congratulations, America.

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@eaahenkorah Profile picture Ξv∆ns


 2 months ago

@MichelleObama Oh behalf of Africa, we welcome America back to normal and to the world. WE FORGIVE YOU.

Congratulations 🎊🎉

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@MichelleObama Van had me in tears.

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@MichelleObama My dog called it! Let’s goooo America!

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@molly3697 Profile picture Molly Richardson


 2 months ago

@MichelleObama 💙💙

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@MichelleObama The American people have chosen a fairer, stronger, and respected America that is equal to the aspirations of our daughters and sons and to the sacrifice of our veterans and men and women in uniform by electing @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris as our next President and Vice President.

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I let my dog pick whose gonna win the US election. Between Biden and Trump, and waiting on AZ and NV - it was just taking too long. Anyone mind if we just go with CC’s choice?
#ElectionResults2020 #CountEveryVote

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Mewis 4 - 0 Columbia

#USWNT #SamMewis #KristieMewis #TheMewies #MewisNation #PrideOfMassachusetts

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Smooooth! Love it. #USWNT

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Hexk yeah!! #USWNT #winner #Playlikeagirl @danafowlefox5 😍⚽️🥅🤩

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I mean look, do I love that the #USWNT talent pool is so deep that slimming down its roster of absolute superstars for the WC & Olympics is one of the biggest challenges it faces every year? Yes, I love it. I love it so much.

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Sister act: Mewis sisters power #USWNT to its first win of 2021,4-0 over Colombia

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How proud must the Mewis Parents be though? #USWNT 👯‍♀️

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Catarina Macario debut. Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd return. Sam Mewis hat trick. Kristie Mewis cherry on top. The #USWNT kicked off 2021 with a 4-0 victory over Colombia.



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The Mewis’ sisters are taking over the 🌎 #USWNT

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