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Here's the first person in line to vote in the United Center.

She was registered to vote on the South Side, but she received mixed signals about where to vote. So, she woke up at 4 a.m., got her an iced coffee from Dunkin, and voted where she heard "any and everyone" could.

I see you, Chicago! Don't let anything get in your way of voting today. Check-in with your friends and loved ones and find your polling place at .

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 2 months ago

@chamemerasha @MichelleObama Gonna be awhile sadly...it's Never been that way and I don't see it coming Anytime soon

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 2 months ago

@KasperJamila @MichelleObama Kasper jamila you jealous

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 2 months ago

@MichelleObama Yes, make us all proud!

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@MichelleObama God Bless her

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@MichelleObama I wanna live in an America where politicians don’t lie steal or cheat!

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@MichelleObama I wanna live in an America where opportunities are created to help people get on their feet and off the street!

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