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 3 months ago

one of the biggest reasons i want trump out is because he makes it embarrassing to admit i’m american during my extensive travels abroad. #CoastalEliteTweet

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@AllHappyTeams @danieltosh Lol he can literally fill swimming pools with cash. I am pretty sure I'd rather be tosh then this ->

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh LOL But, everything you just said DOES NOT apply to just Trump supporters. Braggin about being richer ur More than likely MOSTLY speaking about Democrat supporters since it's proven that most of them live the life of poverty. So, good going making your fellow Dems feel bad! LOL

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@danieltosh Tell it brother. Lol

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Ain’t that the truth

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 3 months ago
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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Damn right! There's not enough bleach in the world to get rid of that skid mark

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@danieltosh Wouldn't it be more embarrassing to admit you're Daniel Tosh?

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@danieltosh He makes it embarrassing when I’m just sitting at home.

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@danieltosh your intern is on fire

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#ESPNPlus haven’t watched a second of this fight card!!

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paying $90 for the fight and its not working #ESPNPlus

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I pay for the ppv I should be a ble to project it on to my smart tv Soo fuccing stoopid #ESPNPlus fucc you #danawhite fucc you #UFCFightIsland fucc you #UFC257livestream fucc you

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I cannot stress this enough. FUCK YOU #ESPNPlus #UFC257

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#ESPNPlus cant afford good servers with all there money

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@MartinQuintana3 Still not working after 45 minutes, refund please I’ll watch the highlights on YouTube tomorrow #UFC #ESPNPlus

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@ESPNPlusHelp Just purchased #ufc257 via #espnplus app. Getting an error message saying there’s a problem validating my subscription receipt

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$70 for it to crash tho 🤦🏾‍♂️ #ESPNPlus #UFC257

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