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 3 months ago

before you criticize, remember that liberal celebrities are responsible for every good thing you’ve ever watched. #CoastalEliteTweet

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@PromoHack Profile picture Mark


 3 months ago

@parker3319 @danieltosh No that’s purely MAGA 😂

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@danieltosh Lately, watching the Dolphins has been good. 🐬🐬

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@danieltosh You're forgetting Magnum PI.

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh You’ve obviously aren’t up to par on @RealJamesWoods amazing acting. “Didnt you ever have a dream”, absolutely thrilling acting from Any Given Sunday 😂

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@ncutinello Profile picture Nick Cutinello


 3 months ago

@danieltosh That would be every bad thing we watch as well, wouldn't it?

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh So?
The crown must be entertained.

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Toby Keith concert?

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh @ChrisEvans for President!

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 3 months ago
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@RepAdamSchiff @Aliferous_1 From what I can see if your legislation doesn't line a Republican's pocket they won't vote for it. It's heartbreaking.


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#QCongress is brought to us from the usual deep state actors in the Council for National Policy.

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