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 3 months ago

my attractive rich friends and i are trying to pay for your diabetes medication. just shut up and let it happen, you ignorant dipshits!! #CoastalEliteTweet

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 3 months ago

@deadmanlagging @danieltosh There's a ton of things to raise money for. Why should one person pay for it all? Correction, they all should chip in a little, which is why we tax the rich.

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 3 months ago
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@danieltosh Forget the medicin, hire some joke writers

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@danieltosh This is called "winning hearts and minds."

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 3 months ago

@The_RealCommish @danieltosh Do you know how rich you’d have to be for that to actually be your tax rate?

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@danieltosh When is the March?

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@danieltosh You can always write a check.

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@danieltosh Get this man a NYT column

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh hahahahahahahahahahah

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You'd think Reagan's Republicans in the 1980's knew exactly what they were doing by gutting education budgets for schools. That each generation of American would be less educated than the one before it. "?"
#QCongress #gopcowards #Republicanpussies #bonespur

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#QCongress needs to be trending and then called out. These Knuckle-draggers need to be removed from the hallowed halls of Congress. How far we have fallen.

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