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 3 months ago

complain all you want about us a-list celebs cramming our political opinions down your throat, but we only do it because we’re so much better, smarter, thinner and more attractive than you. #CoastalEliteTweet

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 3 months ago

@Griz_2 @danieltosh You do realize this is a joke right

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@danieltosh Welcome back

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Strong use of “us”

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Its funny that you call yourself a-list hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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@danieltosh I'm just here to read responses from people who think he's not joking.

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@danieltosh Have fun on your seadoo

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 3 months ago

@danieltosh Lemme see where I asked

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@RandPaul You should be so ashamed...an ophthalmologist who cannot see. Blinded by fear, ignorance or ambition? You want an investigation? Investigate those who attacked the Capital and who backed them. #ImpeachAndConvict #SeditionHasConsequences #SeditionCaucus #SeditiousGOP

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45 republican senators vote against an impeachment trial on a procedural bases they know is wrong because they REALLY don’t want to vote one way or the other on trumps guilt.
How do they fool voters that they even care about what’s right?

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Trump is just a responsible as Bin Laden, Manson and Hitler.


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@itsJeffTiedrich No Mitch told us to wait so here we are #ImpeachAndConvict

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#ImpeachAndConvict pffft ....Ron Paul just destroyed the #Democrat argument for impeachment of #Trump

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