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 3 months ago

Dear @akshaykumar, what a superb trailer, my friend. Can't wait to see it. This will be huge! Wish it was releasing in the theatres. And your performance is outstanding! Best wishes to everyone.

@offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent

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 3 months ago

@Debiprasd @aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Tingu khud stardomless hai 🤣😂🤣

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@iamRamishAli @aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Let’s see

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@PurnabhaDev @aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Someone give her chavanni for this tweet

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 3 months ago

@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Sir please promote ZERO starring your dog SRK

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@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Love you Aamir Sir ❤️

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 3 months ago

@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Thank God it didn't release in theatres otherwise we would have backlashed it big time. In OTT, we can peacefully boycott this movie

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@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent Love u brother

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 3 months ago

@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent When Aamir Khan likes a movie trailer, you can be damn sure, this movie will be a BIG HIT!

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 3 months ago

@aamir_khan @akshaykumar @offl_Lawrence @foxstarhindi @advani_kiara @Shabinaa_Ent
Most beautiful and cleanest village of india

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I just can't wait to see the overacting.

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This girl cant let a squabble go b/t she&Denise b/c”she disrespected me”BUT U CAN let go&forgive Khalfani4having a WHOLE girlfriend Damn near WIFE on U&U still smiling conversing w/him hugging him Lord Please help women 2know that we 👏🏻R 👏🏻 NOT 👏🏻each other’s enemy! #ReadyToLove

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rashid deserves better than Adriana, she was playing games from the beginning & IMO went after Khalfani 2 get under Denise's skin & toy with Rashid. She deserved exactly what she got! Nobody! #ReadyToLove

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Okay, let me go catch up #readytolove

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Kris was a good catch. You dodged a bullet with Nyya she totally flipped the script and her whole personality changed. #ReadyToLove

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Well damn. Nyya is playing the game like it should be played. Date around until you settle down. Maybe that’s why the guys couldn’t handle her. She was beating them at their own game. #ReadyToLove #ReadyToLoveReunion

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Nyya is still 🗑🗑 for how she acted towards Kris and after she got eliminated!! She acted like when a guy asks U to come to Holland @ him, U say no, then he blurts out "F*ck U then, I didn't wanna talk 2 U anyway BITCH"...TRASH smh #ReadyToLove #ReadyToLoveReunion

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Damn Khalfani, that was cold blooded #readytolove

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